Re: Ryton Bay Development at Lake Coleridge

Ian Dampier

priorpark17: You are correct in regard to your assessment that the prime instigators opposing the permanent camp sites were Government agencies, namely the Dept. of Conservation, Selwyn District Council, the Overseas Investment Office and the power company who have an interest in Lake Coleridge (I think it is Contact Energy ?). It was one of the conditions of approval of Shrimpton’s purchase of the Ryton Station. In regard to your other point, I can sympathize with land owners but like most of the population I tend to think only in terms of how I and the other members of the general public are disadvantaged when access rights change. I too am sick of the mess left behind by those who use the outdoors and although it hurts me to admit it, some of the worst offenders are the biggest users of the resource such as fishermen and campers. I bring a bag of rubbish (other peoples) home with me from most fishing trips. The balance between public access and land owner’s rights is a difficult issue and one even the last Government shied away from attempting to resolve. Thanks for your contribution to the topic.