Re: Rod type?


Yeah, hope it would be fun :???: , going to get my fly tying stuff set up first then would go to work on the rod building… Maybe…..

Speaking of fun. Took my certate to bits tonight, it was a bit gritty feeling after getting swamped by a sandy wave… Took 2hrs+ for a incomplete dismantle and reconstruction…… Got it looking complete, test spin and the whole thing Jams…. not fun :evil:

Think I know where the problem is so would not require a complete dismantle…. Also had 1 piece left over which could be partly to blame. Once it is working again, think it might get a flight back to Japan to get a proper service. Kinda wish I purchased a NZ version so I could get it done locally.

Probably could dismantle the whole thing myself and wash everything… Would be cheaper…. But the Japanese should be able to construct it more precisely… Maybe… ummm.