Re: Rod type?


I have been sitting at home with little to do (well these heaps to do but I am not going to do any of it) and had a great idea, I am going to build my own rod this winter :idea:

Still in the early stages of planning but thinking of making myself a wharf rod, mainly for targeting Moki and Snapper. Going to steal Fuji guides from broken rods, going to use glow in the dark thread on the guides to make it easier to see at night. Going to have a quality reel seats and a little cork for the upper handle and smooth black stuff instead of the bottom grip… Apart from the poor workmanship it is going to be awesome :!:

Once that is complete my next project is going to be a spinning rod for Salmon and Kahawai fishing in the surf.

Finally I might upgrade the conponents on a few of my existing rods, have a few nice rods with crappy foam and cheap reel seats.