Re: Rod type?


Looking for something at least 12ft, preferably 13ft+ . I think I might decide on the reel and get that first so I can test it out on my Solaris.

I was looking on a South African site, and it seems they have a lot of good rods over there designed for multiplier reels. The cheapest one seems to be the Poseidon ones listed here: … -Rods.html

I see on another forum Yeahnah has one of these?

There’s also some other good rods from Loomis and Franklin and a couple other brands, but I cannot find them anywhere in New Zealand apart from a couple old Trademe listings. Apparently there is a rod called the Shimano Exage, but again all I can find is an old Trademe listing. It’s a pity no where in NZ really stocks much of a range of different surf rods.