Re: Rod type?


I’m now looking at a getting a freespool surf setup, but I’m not sure what rods would be suitable. I’m looking at the Daiwa slosh and the Abu 10000 for a reel, but for the rod I’m not sure. I’ve looked at the Kilwell 13’7 QTX and the Daiwa Emblem 13′. I’m not sure if either have a different model for overhead/spinning and I don’t see it mentioned on the Kilwells for sale on Trademe, and I can’t see anything on the Daiwa site: The Daiwa looks really nice, but it’s a pity they only have the 13′ model in NZ.

Edit: From a simple google search it appears that the Daiwa EM-ES1302HRS is actually a Spinning model.