Re: Rod type?


The other things to consider are the rods length Longer is not always better :grin: if you are not tall enough/strong enough to control a 16ft rod during the cast it will be a pain to use.
Also a too short a rod can cause a bit of grief if you fish areas that have a bit of height to the swell with the line getting dragged under by the waves/weed ( that can happen with most rods if the swell/current/weed is bad tho ) Most of the rods on the nz market are in the 13 to 14 ft length and they work quite well for most beachs .

Good quality guides are a must fuji being the number one pick and pacific bay a close second any thing else is a bit suspect imho

Also the hand spacings on rods are not all the same grab the butt section of the rod you like the look of place your hands where YOU want them and go though the action of casting to make sure you have enough lenght in the spacing and wont get jabbed in the gut with the end of the butt after you have cast.

Dont get too worked up over 3 or two piece rods they difference in casting is v slight and the 3 piece ones are easy to transport .