Re: Rod type?


I’ve decided I’ll most likely get the Okuma Axeon Reel and 13’6″ Solaris Combo for $420, seems to be a fairly good deal. The Penn Slammer also looks like a nice rod, and I saw a 14’6″ Penn Slammer and Spinfisher 950 set for only $320, although the Slammer is only rated to 12kg. seem to have some great prices and really good deals on their combos.

Edit: I think I’ll keep looking around. No rush really, since I wont be fishing much over winter, I’ve got all year to decide.

Also seems discountfishingsupplies have put their Axeon/Solaris 13’6″ combo up to $350, and their 14’6″ up to $490, so maybe I should’ve went for it.