Re: Rod type?


Thought I’d post here instead of starting a new thread. Has anyone ever used a Daiwa Eliminator rod? I was looking at a 13 foot version on trademe, Rated to 40lb, 6oz Cast weight. I can’t find anywhere stocking it either, most places just have the 15 foot models. I’m looking for a new rod, and there doesn’t seem to be anything at any local tackle shops as usual, and I can’t find anything good under $200 online either. I’m looking for something around 13 foot with a cast weight of about 6oz and rod rated to 15kg. Any suggestions?

Found this on Trademe also: … 715360.htm

Never heard of it before. Looks alright, but I’m not sure of the quality for that price.

I’m interested in both the Daiwa Emblem: and the Daiwa Eliminator:, but I just don’t know anywhere that stocks them in 13 foot.