Re: Rock fishing canterbury


Grimace and myself fished from our kayaks 30m in front ofblack rock a month back i burlied and got 5 barracouta in about 30 mins using red and green soft plastics on a 2m soft bait rod and braid alot of fun on light gear.
Also we launch through the surf at Te Oka bay next one over from Tumbledown roads are pretty good it’s only shingle, there is good fishing to be had alot of seals an the odd hecter dolpins.
Plenty of wrasse, red cod, blue cod and amongst the kelp is butter fish i have been told to use boiled crabs and when they have turned pink to crush the odd handful up feed the water and use a small hook like a fly hook paint a blob of orange on it as butter fish suck crustasians and will suck these small hooks.

There is also good fishing around pompey rock but don’t know if you can drive to it.