Re: Rig Rigs :)


Thanks heaps for that Carl. What knot do you recommend to tie the shock leader to the mainline? In the past I’ve always used the double blood/clinch knot for going 17lb to 30lb but with heavier trace I’d be worried about that big knot jamming in the first guide when casting. Also how many wraps on the reel? I used to go about 3 wraps but I see on some other sight they are saying 4-5 wraps. One of the big parts of surf casting getting this right. I was watching a guy on the ‘tube’ last night recommending 50lb shock leaders for 4-5oz lead! In the past I’ve always fished 30lb shock leader with 3oz lead which seemed to hold up alright but I’m thinking for Rig and the Solaris rod 4-5 oz sinkers will be the go. Sorry all. I do plan to go out and experiment but any advice from those that have done the trial and era would be awesome. Thanks again everyone for the info so far. I’ll try and put as much back in when I get out there this year!