Re: reels


Yikes !
Here I am in picton and a fights broken out.

Fish with whatever you have and hit whatever rod you have untill you can not wring any more distance out of it.

I have spent a lot of time on paddocks practicing and getting couching via the web from top casters worldwide to get where I am now ( and I have a long way to go yet )

Yes my gear is pricey and I make no bones about if you want to get to world class you have to have world class gear .

One of my rods gets used as a fshing rod regulay its light and shows bites nicely it also will launch the 3 and 4 oz leads a long way a measuered 220 meters on the 3 oz at a welly casting day .
The other rod is a beast of a thing it wuld take a decent fish to even show up :D so its only used over grass.

The reels have been hot rodded for casting with adjustable magnetic braking but thats all.

Wilderness is right about distacne loss with baits .On a day were I was hitting 210s i could get with 150 or so with a clipped down bait ( gulp shad thingee so I didnt leave bits of pilly on the field ) with one of my fishing reels.