Re: reels

Fishy Bishy

To correct you to start, the title is Fishy Bishy, not Fishy Billy as you refer. :wink:
I too have been within the trade since the days when you obviously were.
My guess Capt is that you were with Allan G Mitchell way back then?? Yes?
Maybe we know each other from those days.
I never referred to Daiwa being USA made, I was about to purchase one from USA from when the Emblem was offered to me. Sorry if I confused you.
I was in retail when the then Penn agents, Kilwell, approached us offering a reel (Penn) to which our reply was why the hell do we need another brand of reel?? Then we had alongside Daiwa, Mitchell, D.A.M., ABU, Heddon, Shakespeare, Olympic, Pfleuger, Point etc etc. Penn couldn’t get a leg in if it tried and not until Thompson Walker ran the brand marketing programme, did it demand shelf space.
The main basis of my claims to the excellence of the Daiwa product is in the now, not from whence they started as “cheap reels of Japanese origin” although they were still bloody good value for money and worked well for the given purposes intended. There was no such thing then as a distance casting contest for example. Nor did we worry about the finer details of how the reels were made or built so long as they kept going. And, what the hell was a ball bearing for then if not to make a bicycle run smoothly.
Funny how the guys n dolls down the Rakaia coast have been taking bearings out favouring the bushed ABU 7000’s for Salmon for greater smoothness…..and distance!
I trust you may be now well happy knowing on what I base my comments.