Re: reels

Captain Hook

Ive been fishing for a day or three now and well remember names like Alvey, Dam, Luxor, Mitchell, ABU, Penn, all quality reels of the 1950s and 60s and made in Europe, Scandinavia or America. Cheaper reels like Intrepid and Argus were available, then along came a large range of reels made in Japan. Japan was industrialising after the war and this was when Japan was known for the equilivant of some of the cheap Chinese goods we are seeing these days and earned the reputation of being cheap and nasty.
Amongst these cheap reels of Japanese origin was Diawa. Although it was cheap the range of reels covered a large spectrum and while there were cheap kids reels there were also some higher priced models almost as good as the brands mentioned above.
I worked for a sporting goods wholesaler and fishing equipment manufacturer at the time and we started importing the Diawa range.
With the above information in mind I ask the question, on what basis Fishy Billy do you make the claim? and I quote,
“A point you may not be aware of is that Daiwa was on the NZ market well before Penn was a consideration even, that long ago.” (Refer my opening sentence).
And please excuse my ignorance but when did they start making Diawa reels in America.
Like most goods of Japanese origin they have progressed and improved over the years and now manufacture some very fine products.
I am not debating which is the best reel on the market but your source of information.
I agree however that fishing should be fun and a pastime that can be enjoyed by young and old.