Re: reels

Fishy Bishy

To quote the Wilderness member…
“So with that in thought, that could mean a cheep tica dolphin will cast as far as a diawa emblem pro even though there is close to $200 difference in price. The difference between these reels is the internel components as well as exteranl duriblity. You guys look to much into the finer aspects rather than keeping it simple.”

I reiterate too, you are still talking garbage.
There is absolutely no comparison between the Tica reel you mention and the Emblem Pro, What planet are you reporting from again???
If you are happy with a reasonable reel so be it but to compare against the vastly superior engineering of the Emblem, wake up and shake yourself.
You are drawing a similar comparison of a BMW 325i and a Daewoo Nubira!!
One is simply made (emphasis simply….) and the other is the result of years of refined engineering, providing balance, performance durability, strength and integrity. The Emblem will still be around when the Tica corrodes and falls off your rod, which will be long after all those cheap bearings seize up incredibly while you play out your best fish.
A point you may not be aware of is that Daiwa was on the NZ market well before Penn was a consideration even, that long ago. The engineering far surpasses most other brands and compares to the higher echelon of performance reels.
All these other reels sporting fancy name brands, are cheap reproductions made in China in nearly every case, and predominantly comprise copied designs and specifications glorified by countless un-necessary ball bearings then are marketed beyond belief as the next silver bullet that surpasses all predecessors!

Now, in closing, you suggest keeping it all simple, remember you started all this outlandish commentary about the finer details of rods and reels and took it far and beyond simplicity.
Jeez I wish fishing were again a happy simplistic sport where it didn’t matter what we all fished with, so long as we had a great time, had some larfs, caught some great fish and were able to go about it all with minimal expense.
Oh by the way Wilderness, my Emblem Pro 5500 cost me $NZ120 from a guy who had a new toy on the radar and sure I was lucky to get first crack at it but, it was only going to cost me $US134 to bring one in from the States. (about $NZ225 delivered)
That isn’t expensive IMHO unless you compare to Warehouse brand reels, I guess that will be next on the agenda. :roll: