Re: reels


For a start i said you will loose between 40% – 60 % Which you do, depennding on the wind and ground you cast from, as well as wading- and i would put my money where my mouth is on that. and on the other hand about reels, my comment was on long cast spools, GENUWINE long cast spool, not pen rubbish. So with that in thought, that could mean a cheep tica dolphin will cast as far as a diawa emblem pro even though there is close to $200 difference in price. The difference between these reels is the internel components as well as exteranl duriblity. You guys look to much into the finer aspects rather than keeping it simple. Long cast reel ( regardless of brand ) and a decent rod to take you there.’

As far as grouping those rods Fishy, it was not stating there quaility, it was stating there action, I have used almost every rod on the market. The blanks may not be exact between okuma and pen, but they are that close and the proformance is identicle. And the SLX has a very soft tip action, it is NOT designed for distance, that is a miss conception . While the action of the SLX is very smooth and a very nice rod for everyday fishing, it is very simular to the action of a jarvious walker even though the jarvious has a very ugly cast to it. It was more pointing out the ratings of kilwells rods through that list from soft to heavy.