Re: reels

Fishy Bishy

All fair comments in reasonable descriptive format, but for the remaining component in all the products that has the biggest effect on the cast……..
[b:35misn5p]The person using it.[/b:35misn5p]
I selected a Kilwell SLX over two offerings presented as Kilwell “200 plus” models.
One was a factory specially built untrimmed 200 while the other was about 150mm shorter having been trimmed.
Both 200 plus rods were much stiffer than the SLX and the longer was a real beast!
Both hurt me badly during the cast as MY CASTING STYLE did not suit the punch these gave back if the balance, loading, weights and all other scientific mumbo jumbo didn’t hit right.
The SLX delivered in a far more forgiving manner and was streets ahead of my ABU Missile abortion of a rod.
So punters read and learn but most of all, TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!
Even those that recommend Solaris may not be doing you any favours whatsoever.
What works well for one may not do the next angler any good at all.

I would like to point out just for the record, the statement placing Kilwell SLX in a category with Jarvis Walker is an absolutely ridiculous insult to the Kilwell product and really adds an interesting twist on several other comments made above.
Rods like the Solaris, Slammer and “the knew ABU rod” as stated above, are not necessarily the same blank they are similar builds copied off each other by unthinking unoriginal greedy buggers who cannot be original.
(I have first hand experience with a company that built a range of rods on this copycat principle)
They are each made separately, more likely by different factories and differ in slight ways identifying their own characteristics. There are a heap of factories in China manufacturing rods, they don’t all come out of the same place and they will all make a product to the most intricate specification that is asked. If they are asked to produce a “copy” rod in a different binding colour or blank finish, they will. That simple!
This is very like saying Toyota / Nissan / Kia / Daewoo / Daihatsu etc etc all looking similar in certain models so assuming they are made in the same factories just rebranded.

Now, in terms of a comment above about reels not making any difference other than internal quality, is utter crap.
I have stated earlier about the spool designs having a decisive impact on the delivery of line at the most crucial moment, the release. Any friction from forward spool edges will affect your cast and many reels don’t even come close to a minimised friction feature. Take a look at the Penn range of old fashioned SS Fixed spool reels with excess friction built into them as a default design feature and compare with the Daiwa Emcast or Emblem for absolute engineering brilliance.
The front edge of the spool should not be big fat and smooth for those “smooth delivery longer casts” that is a bollox overstatement from those trying to peddle their wares and fleece your funds.(IMHO)
The finer the leading edge the less friction it is that simple. The spool design must expel the line when released during cast in such a manner that the coils are shooting forward into that first choking guide with the least resistance.

BUT, before this gets too far out of hand, this is mostly about enjoying your fishing and in the interests of brevity, drop at least half the science and increase your activity by 50% plus and your cast will improve with practice and your catch rate will rise due to increased water time.