Re: reels

Fishy Bishy

If you do want to get yourself equipped with these top quality reels from Daiwa direct from USA, the Emcast is only $US79 and the Emblem Pro is just $US134. With shipping, these work out at about $NZ135 for Emcast Plus and $NZ210 for the Emblem Pro.
Here’s the link:

By purchasing direct you save the built in cost of advertising and the warranty that is hardly needed in recent years. When did you last need to do a warranty claim for a decent product in recent years??
Parts are available for both these model reels in NZ and plenty of people here that can fix them too.

I would have a Daiwa as a first option anyday.
They are the Toyotas of the Asian made reels and other brands have followed in Daiwa’s footsteps since the late 60’s.