Re: reels


I own a Daiwa Emblem Pro, it is a very nice reel with the ability to ‘lock’ the bail arm out of the way. Would not be buying another. Like all of the Daiwa surf reels I have owned the line eventually cuts itself a grove into the bail arm :evil: , Even my cheap Silstars and Shakespeare do not suffer from that. If Daiwa fixes that problem and improve their warranty I might get another.

I really like the look of this reel

It is a Tica Scepter GX10000, similar in design to the Daiwa Emblem pro but it is much better value for money IMO. It retails for around $200 less, has 9 years more warranty and you get two spare spools rather then 1 with the emblem. Not to mention the more ergonomic handle design, lighter weight and higher capacity. I have only heard good things with regards to the reliability of Tica’s surf reels so I feel Daiwa has a real fight on its hand.

I believe Zac and maybe a coupe of other forum users have Tica’s so might be able to comment on their experiences.