Re: reels


While my budget can’t stretch as far as spending up large on the likes of the reel you pictured there fishy, i did invest in a new reel based on the same principles with the long cast spool and what a difference it made to my casting. With my old reel which was a trusty old sislstar ef80b which served it’s purpose for many many years i would quite often have the shock knot hitting my guides as it passed through, now with the newer reel the line just peels off so cleanly and effortlessly that it’s no longer an issue. When i want true distance short of using a pendulum cast which i will perhaps practice one day but see no need yet i load up the rod using this OTG method shown by tommy and i’ve never had any issues with bailarm flipovers, shock knot hitting guides, line wrap around eyes or the like.
Really though i think if you have to resort to diy measures to put failsafe measures in i think you might have to look at the gear in question or perhaps look at your casting style as i know it took me a lot of practice with the otg to get my line going straight out in front of me and instead of doing something crazy like jamming up on me on the cast or the line going off to the side something wicked.
Each to there own though i guess and we all do what we are comfortable with and heck diy implementations are all part of the kiwi nature.