Re: reels


I disagree ……You can pretty much use any reel on any rod ….with a few exceptions like roller tipped boat rods

That said , not all suit all reels ….some work much more betterer than others ….this goes just as much for rods used with eggbeaters …….

Most people assume you buy a 12 foot surf caster and slap on an eggbeater and away you go …..thats fine , except your doing yourself out of distance , which contrary to popular belief , CAN make a huge difference when fishing

The spacing of the line guides “eyes” on the rod have a major bearing on the distance you casr …Ive found most surfcasters have the bottom guide up to 300mm too close to the reel …..the first thing I would do if I was to buy say a 13 foot rod , would be to respace the bottom 2-3 guides with the bottom guide no closer than 1200mm
Moving the bottom few guides up will increase casting distance by 50%
The other fault with these rods , is again the guides ….casting or shock leaders are common , and the guides themselves are poorly designed to acommodate thier use …..
The way the guides are mounted on the rod i.e the little feet , can cause breakoffs when casting …..with the loops of line and leader knot going past the bottom guide , sometimes both bottom guides , before flicking back and finally passing through all the guides in a uniform fashion , its something to do with the different line thicknesses …..and initial inertia I would imagine … know what I mean , that thawk click vissst ffffffffff noise at the start ….
Often the knot gets caught under the feet of the guide , and SNAP ……….

Take some insulation tape ….bind the entire guide , so you cant see any of it …..then carefully cut out the hole … the 2nd guide as well …….

Chuck bungee cord on the rod butt , use it to hold the bail arm from flicking back over during the cast …..

Now you can load into the cast with total confidence …..