Re: Reels


What I do with any reel I buy is to strip it down right from the start and make sure that the bearings and gears are packed with grease or oiled as needed.
Remember most of these reels a production line items going past on a conveyor belt at 100kmh :lol: and as such may or may not get the amount of grease really needed.
A small tube of good grease and oil plus some time and its easy to do .Take your time look at it before you take it apart ( take a lot of pics with a digital camera ) and lay things out as you remove them and anyone with a bit of mechanical skill can do it .

That way you know thats its been done right plus when it gets dunked/sandblasted or just due for its yearly service you can do it without waiting to get the guy at the shop to do it ( at the worst possible time when 30lb snapper are lining up waiting to be caught).