Re: Reels


Ok the calcuttas are v nice reels but with a level wind they will always cost you distence the toriums have a good rep for casting but have a heavy spool which requires a fair bit of braking to keep under control ( the heavier the spool the more braking requied ).
Torums have centrifugal bakes I think but may not have the brake blocks fitted from the factory ?? Might be worth a trip to you tackle shop to ask the guys there if they can open it up and tell you yes or no there.

What you may find helpful is to drop the line level down on the reels say 3mm or so under the spools edge for the freespools

Now onto the fixedspools.

The rods are ok but not being designed for freespools the guides are both the wrong size and on the wrong side of the spine for freespools.

With a well loaded fixed spool ( 6kg main and a 24kg shockleader) a cast of 100 +mtrs with bait is possible .

I have a solaris set up with a daiwa reel and can get a bare 6oz sinker 150mtrs with out going into a otg or more advanced casting style ( dont think the rod will handle that )

The best thing is to practise practise practise as the more that you can cast the better you can cast ..If you concentrate on a smooth action and release rather then the rip sh!t and bust style of casting you will find your distences will start going up , The best casters look like they are hardly working but the lead flies!!

The basic overhead thump cast is easy to master concentrate on pulling down with one hand while punching foward with the other while looking at your aiming spot ( anything at about 45% up from the horizon).