Re: Reels


What reel are you using ? This is important.

Step one set up the reel with the max braking to start with either brake blocks or mags /oils /line level etc

step two DONT go full power yet just start with a easy lob concentrating on a smooth power stroke and release.

Step three watch the sinker and the moment it hits the water stop the spool by touching the flange of the spool not the line as the line will burn you :shock:

Step four slowly start building power while keeping with the smooth release . a jerky release will just spin the reel faster

Step five once you are happy with your nice smooth casting style take a bit of braking out just a bit….and try again repeat that process once you start getting the braking down you will start getting the line fluffing up mid cast this is when the reel is running just slightly faster then the line is being taken out it looks scary but gives the best distence …I have my reels running a bit tighter then that hi speed ragged edge as its either a good cast or a birdy .

When you are casting and the line starts to birdy try not to thumb the line instead touch the spool its far far better for the skin on your thumb!!!