Re: Reels


I have gave up on low mount for surfcasting after a 40 odd min fight with a car door size ray …… totally stuffed after that fight !!!!!!!!!!
High mount just suits me for fishing for BIG casts low mount is the best …. but for fishing high mount is easier for me .

Also all the salmon rods that I have seen ( and I have one myself ) are a lot lighter then my surf rods and at 10 to 12ft shorter then the surfrods as well.

Having said that i have seen a vid of some guys catching big sharks form the beach in nambia??? 15ft rods low mount sl50h reels and they just sat down on the beach and fought the fish from there. :grin: whatever works for them I guess.

The main thing with coasters is YOU choose where the reel is on the rod not where the man in the factory chooses to place it . After all do we all have the same lenght arms ? ….no …. so why should we all have the reel at the same spot on a rod??