Re: Reels


Yip they have their ups and downs but once you get the hang of them egg beaters feel crude and heavy .. :grin:
Yes the birdys can be a pain esp at night but once you have started casting and fishing with freespools you wont go back.

If any one out there has a chance to try out a frespool do so!! load it up with some mid price limp mono wind up the mags/brakes attach it to a rod and cast with a nice smooth action and you will be hooked .

I was having a cast at the local park the other day a well braked sl2oh reel qt6 rod and 60z sinker 178 of my paces from a overhead thump.

A few test rods per store would be a nice idea ..but I doubt that it would ever happen in nz .
and dont get me started on the limted choice that we surfcasters have in rods in nz.

Cheers Neil