Re: Reels


Ok I class a abu 6500 as a bait caster and the others as freespool casting reels the baitcasters are the best casting due to their small size and low spool weight
but not the strongest reels out there .The casting reeels are made for sea use and have much bigger gears etc .

A magnetix in the 30 size or the matching daiwa in the 30 will hold 400 or mtrs of 20 lb line and thats plenty after all if you say cast 100 mtrs and have a fish run a 100 mtrs off you have 200 or so left to play with. I mainly use the daiwa sl2osh and it holds about 300mtrs of line and I ad no probs landing a est 30 kg stinger the other week with it.

The big thing is the gears on a freespool are in direct line with the spool not having to turn at right angles like they do on a fixed spool.. less loading and better wear.

Distance wise … who cares most fish are caught in close but all things being equal a freespool will outcast a fixed spool due to the line being thrown of the spool by its rotation vs the line being towed from the spool on a fixedspool and no drag from the line being pulled past the spools lip.

Weight wise a 30 will weigh 600g or so .

I have little trouble hitting a spot that I want tthe bait to land at. Be it 80 or 100 mtrs out but that is more the caster then the gear used.

Also when casting you dont have to wind up the drag cast and then reset the drag ,Just jam your thumb on the spool throw the lever ..cast throw the lever back wind in the slack and wait for the hit!