Re: Reels


I picked up a big baitrunner the other day in a shop and thought oh feck its heavy :eek:

People make a big thing about birdsnests but realy its not that big a deal. Most of the big birdys on you tube etc are tourney guys casting one the edge.
One get a proper casting reel. Daiwa sl series penns 525 mag okumas magnetix or a abu 6500.
The likes of a magnetix you can wind the mags up to full and unless you are a total muppet casting wise you can not blow that reel up .Once you have past the omg its going to explode fear you can wind the mags off a bit at a time until you reach the point where the reel starts to “fluff” up when casting.
Once there go back one click on the mags and you are done! The penn is the same basic story.The daiwas and abus use brake blocks inside the reel where you start with the biggest and change them for smaller ones as you learn.( Easy job to do 10 mins tops )

I spent 8 hrs fishing a beach this weekend with baits ranging from large crabs to small bits of pilly in a x wind ranging from 0 to 15 knots No birdys at all and dropping the baits any where from 15 mtrs to 100+ offshore .

Once you come to the world of freespools you WONT go back I have a nice daiwa fixed spool that is now a set up to lend out!