Re: reels

Fishy Bishy

Thanks for more personal attack Wilderness, I am beginning to see why you come on forums.

I care nothing for your self proclaimed prowess as a tackle and equipment enthusiast but have an admission of my own.

I am as guilty as many on this thread for sidelining the original intention of the first poster, from South Canterbury who asked….
“Side caster/Egg beaters/or Free spool best for surfcasting off the beach? ive allways had egg beaters but looking at free spool one snow

I apologise for any possible wandering away from topic and putting all other comment behind, suggest you try whatever you feel may benefit you.
Ask someone on the beach using a freespool where you can [b:2dxqvv6c]physically see [/b:2dxqvv6c]the techniques used, style of cast and drawbacks.
Ask them what line they are using, what weight, compare rods etc. The results will be different from angler to angler but many factors will be the same.

If you have access to a free spool capable of beach casting with lead and baits etc have a go. This will give you a fair indication as to whether or not it is for you or if you stick with the Alvey or Fixed spool.

Enough said. time to go fish, happy new year.