Re: reels


Fishy, i think you would be in for a shock if you went through the gear i have mate. im not blowing my trumpet with casting, as i have never done anything special there, i am a reasonable caster however and have spent time designing blanks, some of which many use, complete rods, as well as personally tested many reels. Reading back through this thread, my imput was very direct and abrupt, but, for the most part constructive. There are many valid points in there though. It is pretty clear you dont agree with any of it, and that is fine, you pick faults through everything, your opinion. I think however you should take a step back though, It is obvious your blowing through straws. Having flash gear wont make you cast further than the rest, nor will it catch you fish. When it comes to casting a fixed spool, it’s only job is even line lay and release, you dont need a fancy $500 drag system for dry casting, the grass isn’t going to take off with your sinker to the point you have to fight it like a fish? :roll:

Seriously fishy,

Fishy Bishy