Re: reels


Wilderness is a very very good caster in his own right and wont be far off getting into the 200’s if hes not already there.

My abus have the following mods
No level winds.
adjustable magnetic braking
rocetfuel oil in the bearings.

The lack of level wind is simple
The braking is so while the sinker is in flight I can wind the braking off for less drag.
The oil is just oil but made for small bearings running at high speed it also comes in a range of weights for tuning.

Total cost of any of the reels $250 or so .
You can spend a lot more with a qtc frame and cer bearings but I dont need it 250+ casts have been made on reels like mine .
The rod plays a part the reel and line play a part the caster plays the biggest part .

Would I like a qtc framed reel with a benfield side plate YES would it make a difference unlikly .

My fishing reels are in the 190 to 250 odd dollar mark daiwa sl20’s and 30’s and penn 525 and 535 mags they work and have yet to fail me in any way I do have a sl50 for those days when theres BIG things around.

Any ways bloody hot here and to hot for any arguments .
Peace to all goodwill to all men and all that. :dude: