Re: reels

Fishy Bishy

Read my post again and you might get the point.
My comments ARE well-founded, my points ARE clear and I have backed them up with real life experience so thanks for the uneducated comments regarding my input and susequent personal attack.
I’m sorry, I don’t recall seeing you at that casting event we organised.
Perhaps if you took the time to read and think you might learn something.

Values of reels generally reflect the overall integrity of the equipment.
If you think you can cut it with a cheapie go right ahead, no-one is stopping you but the general consensus among the seriously experienced is that you are wasting your time and money if you think you can cut it distance casting with just a long cast spool on any old reel. Been there……been hopeful…….been outperformed by purpose built kit.

There are many specialist reels out there off the shelf at BIG dollars which are built for distance casting and these are not designed for straight out fishing.
Conversely, there are off the shelf reels available, that with up-specing as referred to in Yeahnah’s case, they are capable but the up-spec components plus the reel price off the shelf adds up to a fairly high value.
So, Wilderness, this IS about dollar values in a sense, and IS about the integrity of a reel and doesn’t just come down to a shape of spool.
There is so much more to it than has been revealed here and I recommend you start another thread inviting comments from those who own such high performance kit.
Any advice to the contrary from you or anyone is irresponsible and should not be put in print (IMHO).