Re: reels

Fishy Bishy

OK, whatever Wilderness, I still make very little sense from your extensive reply but being in a position to know a hell of a lot of “top distance casters” and I don’t know of any that would risk the glory of the day with a “very cheep reel”.

Sure they may have a very cheap reel in their shed somewhere but you wouldn’t find them “on the track on raceday” so to speak. :wink:

Hells teeth man…..We had a range of about 14 rods leaning against the deck at our place for a casting day we held and there was well over $10000 worth of kit there just in the rods.
You name it from Zippies to Century’s to Zippies to Century’s with all manner of Zippies and Centuries separating all the other high dollar items amongst which were several Kilwell Powerplay’s and other brands of various descriptions.
If you really believe a top caster would adorn one of those with a very cheep reel, you need to change your doctor your medication.
Just imagine the laughing stock they would be when all around them $300 to $1000ish reels would be compared between colleagues and all of a sudden comes “dark horse” with his Tica Dolphin competing for top dog caster of the day on his Century or similar???? ( :lol: CHOKE!!!!)

As Yeahnah (Neil) has explained, his reels are severely up-spec’d for the purpose and bear little or no resemblance to the factory off the shelf models you or I may use on the beach river or pond.
A bit like pimping an old Humber 80 with a rotary engine if you like, and yes, I know where one of those is too and is owned by a colleague in the tackle trade too.
Neil’s distances are consistent, not one-offs as Wilderness implied and he is getting further and further from the start mark with practice.

There is just one part of the post I agree with, “…. for one you don’t need flash gear to fish with, cheep reels and rods are fine.”
So, I guess this is a go nowhere thread for me, have fun fishing………. :roll: