Re: reels

Fishy Bishy

Fair enough Capt.
There was but just one omission that is relevant for the subject, in the list of stores, Smiths City Market. :wink:
In those days tackle stores were very traditional (the only one left to my knowledge in the traditional bracket – now that McCarthy’s in Dunedin is gone – is in Alexandra, and was run by Graeme Middledorf, if my memory serves right.)
Timber floors in most of them, Older, more knowledgable and helpful, wise staff that knew how to advise and add to the cash register afterward.

A further clue Capt is that I was the first winner of the Farmer Co-op Aquarius Trophy in 1971 for heaviest Trout for the season by a Junior angler. This was presented by the late Al Creedon and I still have and love the Aquarius Castaway Salmon rod I won to keep! Caught more Salmon on that than any other rod I own.

So, hatchets away, hope your sojourn to the water’s edge is rewarding for you and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

(By the way, RJ Bain is very familiar too for their Rolux Rods, many of which will still be in use today. (My Dad had the cleaning contract for RJ Bains and that is yet another clue……. :wink: )