Re: reels

Captain Hook

Fishy Bishy!
Firstly, please accept my most humble apologies for refering to you by an incorrect title. I can not explain how I managed that. :oops:
Fishy Billy sounds like something a child would keep cockabullies in.

Going by your age I would suspect you entered the trade around 9 years after me and while your name seems familiar I can not for the life of me put a face to it. I have been stirring up the old memory banks and trying to recall the names of staff from the likes of Turner LeBrun, Tisdalls, Cromb and Merritt, McKillops Sports, McPhail and Fisher, Farmers Co-op, Anderson and Hill and a few other stores of the time and yet it still eludes me.

Did I work for Allan G Mitchell? NO! I worked for R.J.Bain and Co.

Thank you for clarifying your point about Daiwa and USA.

At no point was I disputing that Daiwa reels were not value for money then or now.
My point was that, contrary to your statement, Penn reels were available in this country before Daiwa and from not long after the Penn Fishing Tackle Company was formed in 1932 and Daiwa only from the early to mid 1960s.
The fact that most South Island retailers did not stock them did not mean they were unavailable.
They were quite popular with the North Island boating fisherfolk and were in fact one of the few good revolving spool reels available at the time before ABU came on the market.

In your reply you state, and I quote,”There was no such thing then as a distance casting contest for example.” (unquote)
WRONG. The New Zealand Casting Assocciation was an original member of the International Casting Association when it was formed in 1953 so must have been formed some time prior to that. I do not know what year competitions started in NZ however I do know the National Championships were held in Christchurch and hosted by the Canterbury Anglers Club around 1963 or 1964. The distance event was held at what was then the New Brighton Racecourse and on the piece of land where the QE2 stadium now stands. The accuracy events for threadline and fly were held at Lake Bryndwr in Wairakei Rd. A large contingent of North Islanders came down for the event and all catergories were strongly contested. A local sawmiller by the name of Kel Thompson (Hardie and Thompson sawmills) did very well from memory.
Enough of the history lessons.

In my opinion a revolving spool reel in competant hands will outcast a fixed spool reel every time and while I have used both for many years I find I now tend to favour the fixed spool reel as it tends to be more user friendly. Maybe I’m just getting lazy or perhaps too old to be bothered with untangling birds nests. Any way, use what suits your requirments best and just enjoy fishing.

Thats it, rant over, I’m going fishing. :grin: