Cool!!! Thanks for all the replies. We have noted the lesser of the worms is found on them away from the Mouth of the river…good tip. I like the fish for eating though,m light but with small bones. Yes they smell bad and are not a sporting fish, just seeming to give up once they are hooked. We had a really good run on Kahawai here as well, but it sems to have slackened off now, Im told they are travellers in the cooler months. Caught Rays, Shark, Red Cod, mullet and Eel at the bar, both diversion and bar mouths. No fancy rods, no fancy bait…Mussels seem to be a favourite bait of fish. Just plain old fishing, love it.Anyone know the rules on Kontiki for fishing? we are told it is no more than 25 hooks…bit of a stink way to actually catch fish and enjoy the sport but alright for some ay…Also would like to know the rules with regard to net fishing? We have seen people doing this in the district but as far as we knew it was illegal and in our opinion an unnecessary drain on dwindling resourses :D