Re: Recommend a good rod for me?


Wouldn’t recommend a telescopic rods although some people may like them.

High end:
Rods like the kilwell powerplay range are probably the best you will find but they retail around $600, although I got mine off trademe for $200.

Mid range:
There’s a rod out by Abu called the Abu Surfline ($200) which looks a lot like the Solaris, but it’s cheaper and has a few changes which make it a better rod than the Solaris which pretty much means the Solaris is off the market unless you can find one second hand really cheap. There’s a few others around the $200 mark but I really would recommend the surfline. … ab13374b38

If you’re not wanting to spend that much money then look at the Penn Powerstick surf rods or maybe the Daiwa Eliminators if you can find them. … 206879.htm

As for size I really don’t think a big 16 footer is needed at all especially if you have a decently long rod holder for fishing rougher conditions. You’ll probably cast further with a 13 or 14 foot as well although I do think 12foot is a bit to short. The rod should also be rated to cast a 5-6oz sinker.