Re: Preparing Elephant Fish


take a 20 litre bucket fill it half full with sea water, catch a ellie, bust the spike off or use side cutters to take it off.cut thru the head an take that off, turn the fish over so its belly is facing up cut underneath till you you get to the part where the big flippers are make a deep cut and remove them then flatten the knife and take thru the belly flaps. with your fingers gut the fish wash in the sea put it in your bucket of sea water. fresh ones are like a slippery eel put in fridge for a while to stiffen up. then take a half inch strip off the top of the fish from tail to end of fish going a bit deeper at the dorsal fin. turn fish over take half inch strip from bottom of tail to where the flippers where.lie the fish on its side and split it taking care about half way thru as its a soft membrane and easy to cut thru the bone get an uneven fillet. now you have one fillet with no bone in and one with the membrane still in. lay the fillet with the bone in skin down on your slab take a really sharp knife and cut under the bone the side facing you , then again then take the frontof the membrane and twist it away from you,its just a matter of twisting and cutting under it till its removed, skin both fillets, and here is the most important part . after skinning fillets you may see a little white piece of bone about where you cut the large back flippers out just nip these out as they are the ammonia bones.