Re: Preparing Elephant Fish

Fishy Bishy

Very interesting comments and thanks RDJ for the accolades too along with mili etc.
Elephant fish are an interesting deal and getting back to topic before I answer a couple of points….
Any shark related species deserves to be handled in a specific way.
I am surprised to read someone’s post where they were not fond of Rig??? WTF???
Opinions …… we all have them and all are valued.
OK, as soon as you get your take home shark, gut it, despatch the fins, head, tail and wash it in clean SALT water ONLY.
If you have a bucket, soak the trunk and keep it cool in SALTWATER.
Never put any sea fish under the freshwater tap.
Ele’s have a chemical filled membrane near the backbone which if severed, will taint your fish leaving it all but worthless.
Salt water soaking will remove basically all chemical taste from the fish, which usually emantes due to stress in the fish during your retrieve.. Get them on shore asap and despatch quickly if you want to keep them.

Ele’s LOVE pipis and crabs. If you can float your baits a little, all the better.
Now, mention was made of floats and types.
There was a touch on the best floats which are, as St Paul refers, made from the same closed cell foam as kickboards, only a little softer. The round foam or plastic floats work in keeping your bait drifting about ON THE BOTTOM.
They will not even lift a bare hook so don’t kid yourself in thinking they will hold your bait aloft.
The closed cell foam floats which are in fact NZ made, will do the floaty thing. In fact a 20mm float will take half a Pilly, with hook, right to the top if your sinker drops off or stop knot fails.
A 40mm float will hold aloft vertically, a whole flasher rig with baits or even a whole pilchard when straylining.
There are NZ made products incorporating these components in proven designs and they can be accessed through the likes of Hamills etc in ChCh, Hendersons in Blenheim, Stirlings Richmond in Nelson or even West Coast Fishing and Firearms in Greymouth, to name just a few outlets around the region.
In a defensive reply, Store bought flasher rigs are never going to compete with the imaginative designs we dream up from time to time or the satisfaction of catching on your own pattern, but one thing they do have is uniformity.
This means if you buy one that really does the numbers for you, there is always another identical rig on the peg right behind it to keep you on a tight line.
Hope that sheds a little light on the topic and sorry RDJ we are no longer just round the corner from you (ah nostalgia!) we felt the need to locate in the lower Nth Island to be evenly and fairly reachable for all our customer base.
Nothing is set in concrete and as my signature states, I miss the Salmon fishing and on top of that, will return to the Sth Island some day, you just never know whether sooner or later…. :wink:

Footnote: Bite rigs are imported from China and are a general copy of the Black Magic rigs specifically.
re the bent hook on one of our products, as we stand behind every rig we produce (thats me out in the surf LOL!) PM me the details, rig size, colour, type etc and I will be in touch with you.