Re: Preparing Elephant Fish


I rate the hot shotz rigs quite highly, hooks are slightly less prone to rust then the Black magic ones. Although I did have a hook bend on one the other day which is not encouraging. The little ‘eyes’ they have on their flies look the part but I doubt they attract anymore fish.

I also find that Hot Shotz are typically slightly cheaper then Black Magic so its a simple choice. Bite is often cheaper then both, and they do a 3 for $20 deal which is good value. Black Magic’s 3 for $25 was also good while it lasted. No one stocks bite in Blenheim but normally grab a few whenever I am in Nelson. The Local hunting and fishing did stock a few for a whole but did not get anymore in after they sold out.

Have not tried the Snappa Flash or Mustad rigs. Mainly because they seem to use standard rather then circle hooks.