Re: pomfret catches in Kaikoura


I hooked a pair of these out from Kaikoura a couple of years back about 100m down in about 130m of water. Great fight compared to cod or perch ! I didn’t keep them as I didn’t know what they were at the time and and regretted it eversince finding out they are so tasty.

Hi bluehunter, I ave been out to a place they call the strawberry patch out from Lyttelton in a mates boat. The weather was dodgy when we left and just got worse. I wished the whole trip I was in my boat (an older Haines) because the boat we were in didn’t ride well in the rough. Your boat should handle it nicely but it really pays to have a good forecast for the next few days. Also make sure your VHF is working and you know how to use it should you run into trouble. I will ask my mate for GPS marks for you but would be surprised if he will dish them out as it is his surefire groper spot !