Re: pomfret catches in Kaikoura


Hi, I was on my way back to Chch from the North Island where I picked up a new boat.. kind of an impulse purchase… and decided to stop off at Kaikoura to try it out… my parents met me up there for a quick fish.. anyway, my mother hooked up something heavy that she couldn’t bring up so I took over and pulled up 2 of these puppies… nice one mom!… I understood these were Pacific Pomfret as my brother caught one of these a couple of years back also in Kaikoura and I sent the pic into the Fishing Mag to get a name of the species as I had no idea… I think they still have the article online. Here is a pic of the two just caught.. Man they are good eating!

Anyway, anyone here fishes the 22 nm reef of Lyttleton.. I was hoping my new boat is big enough to take it there, but still not sure. Any comments welcome.