Re: Otago Salmon – south of the Waitaki


spent the day on the Clutha from dark till dark.

started in Beaumont in the morning, had some fun with a few big hungry trout 6lb+ on the fly between holes, landed none!@$#

I had 2 follows on the zed spinner in some of the promousing holes, both big dark fish, but cant confirm if trout or salmon. both followed in the whole way and never changed pace to strike.

The water was very warm up river.

the afternoon was spent on the lower reaches where its tidal, past Balclutha, water was cooler and it seemed much more promousing, however its a long streth with no noticable hold ups, so it was a waiting game to see if anything passed my way, but no signe of any salmon, lots of sea run trout, manage to loose 2 trout on dark. and landed one flounder (I have never seen so many flounder, most were small 30cm or so).

lots of salmon being caught out off the nuggests but nothing much happening up river, i suspect the water is just too warm right now.

only able to confirm 2 salmon caught up river in the past weeks. one by sweedish tourists and one by a local.

with the Wataki being spilled again, we really havent got much to offer down south do we? :(

im off to Christchurch next week to change my luck.