Re: Opening Day


I was down at the the mouth of the Rakaia River on the weekend catching a few trout (21-23 September) – mostly because the mouth was unsuitable, read dangerous, on the south side for using the Rakaia whitebait scoop net, and because all I was catching surfcasting was spiney dogfish. While there one of the locals arrived on his quad bike and “suggested” that I shouldn’t be fishing until the 1st of October. He reakoned “everything had its season!” For those who may be unaware fishing for sports fish is permitted all year in the Rakaia River below the Coleridge Tailrace confluence (all the way from the Alps to the sea). There is a daily bag limit of two trout. I stress that he was not in anyway rude in his comments. For the record I kept one fish, and released two others that evening. What benefit he thought there might be to the fishery had I waited another week to catch them is hard to say! Interestingly over the three days I was there quite a few anglers were spin fishing. I counted at least several dozen brown trout caught over this time!

What do you think? Should more of these rivers in the eastern zone be closed during winter? If so what would be the benefits?