Re: Opening Day


Got up at a leisurely time and decided to check out Spring Creek, was first on the river but the sun was still to low for easy spotting. So around 8am I departed, changed into my back country gear and headed to my secret River, I got there around 10:30am. Drove upstream for a while and saw the stream was low and clear, just how I like. So I walked down to the creek and noticed it slightly discolored, “this would make it a bit difficult to spot” I thought, but it was not to bad.

But, the water soon turned to a dirty brown, impossible to spot. I was a bit mystified, maybe there was a isolated thunderstorm but the river level was still low. Maybe someone is doing earthworks somewhere upstream… I decided to push onwards to try and find what was dirtying my creek. After a half hour or so I started to see more and more willow derbies flowing downstream. Then I heard the occasional digger sound. Around a few more bends and there it was, a yellow digger ripping up the banks…… :evil:

I kept my opinion to myself and continued upstream to clear water, although I have already passed three of the best pools. Did not take long until I spotted the first trout of the day, and about that time I got joined by the norwester, The trout was a dopey fish which was hiding beneath the bank, third cast snagged a willow root right above the trout, so I moved on. Next trout was also sulking in the shallows, the only feeding was to take one natural from the surface and that was after I distributed it by dragging a obnoxious streamer across it several times. Casted half my box but it was in no mood to feed.

Next trout was stationed right in the main flow, at last a feeding trout. It looked big to. I got slightly close to it, so decided to retreat, changed my flies and have lunch to give it a chance to forget about me. Took a few casts but it took my fly, it looked quite small on the line but put up a good fight and weighed 5lb in my dodge net. Around this time the showers started, luckily not heavy.

The next trout I saw was sulking in the shallows and I did not try to catch it, it looked quite raw in places. While moving upstream, I passed within a meter of the trout which did not spook. Was a tired and spent fish. Could easily have been a 7-8lber in its prime. Shortly afterwards I returned to my car and I drove further upstream and checked out another stretch which often holds tout. There I spooked one extremely flighty fish. Considering the conditions, health of trout and the digger I was quite pleased with my effort.