Re: non surf catches


This summer seems to be dragging on and on. Which is a great thing

Arrived at Okiwi Bay later then I planned, conditions were nearly perfect as a paddle around to the Mussel Farms. There was a couple of tinnys there when i arrived but they departed after a short while.

Fishing was slow to begin with, only catching a single Carpet shark at my first spot. After a while I moved to a different spot in the farm and after about half a hour the bite started. The Carpets and Doggies were first on the hooks, but they quickly got out competed by massive Kahawai, they were difficult to land in the mussel farm. Was getting sick of the KY and was thinking of moving, but they stopped feeding. Then the Pannies started to feed, with the occasional snake attack to prevent the otherwise pleasant fishing. Caught approx 5 Pannies, but nothing big.