Re: non surf catches


Alarm went off at 6am this morning, ready for a early start. At 6:20 I finally convinced myself to get up and I was soon on my way to Okiwi Bay.

Nice weather, mostly overcast but calm.. a weak southerly wind blew at times to prevent things from being perfect. Caught 2-3 Snapper at the first spot, a couple of Kahawai, Barracouta then the carpet sharks turned up, after about 5 I had enough so decided to paddle to a different spot. There was a mussel barge working nearby, do not think they were harvesting, probably putting newly seeded ropes onto the farm. Still decided to fish behind them, quickly had a pannie but it soon become apparent that the coutas were plentiful. Caught a couple more pannies but by then I was tired of the coutas so started to head back.

Very low tide when I returned to Okiwi, 5 or so boats were on the beach / grounded waiting for the tide to come back in.