Re: non surf catches


Busy few days, my body is punishing me for it now.

Spent Monday night at French Pass.  Weather was perfect. Went for a evening fish and caught and released a pile of small cod. Got back several hours after dark. Was cool paddling in the phosphorescence and having it light up around my paddle strokes and bow wave.

The sea was flat tuesday morning , but I did not feel like paddling over to the Islands, so fished a point and donated a few jigs to the locals. Had a long fight (got towed around) with something for 4-5 minutes but a couta bit my trace off at the knot.  Went and fished around a mussel farm instead, tried jigging up a dory but caught nothing. Around lunchtime the sea breeze was just picking up but I was bored of France so headed back to Okiwi Bay.  Sea breeze was blowing but died down, perfect day really. Caught a single spottie . That would teach me for fishing the middle of the day. Thought about staying in the Sounds another night, but decided the forecast was to good so heading to  Clifford Bay instead.


Arrived at Marfells around 8am. The sea was all but flat when I arrived and it got calmer… I never been able to find the Kelp reefs before and at first I struggled to locate them. I eventually find a large rock covered in kelp off the end of Mussel point and fished that for a while, the current was fast… Managed to pull a good size Bluey out of the kelp there.

Lined up for another drift, then I saw what look like massive amounts of kelp in the distance, thought it could have been a kelp mirage but paddled towards it anyway. Was no mirage… slowly fished my way to the end of the kelp and lost a bit of gear to the kelp… Bottom looked very boring on the Sounder. But started getting a few bites, which were not coutta. Between small cods I got a nice Turkey followed by another… Also saw a good size shark chasing a fish (Blue or School I guess).  A while later a strong fighting fish broke my rig off and  I was  down to 2 sinkers from the ten I started with

Fished, drifted and got snagged in the kelp. Pulled in another good Cod before quickly losing my last two sinkers.  Beautiful weather and calm sea, glad I decided to leave the sounds and gamble on Clifford bay instead.

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