Re: non surf catches


Went out with a couple of guys from the Canterbury Kayak fishing club last night. Sea was a bit choppy at first but the norwester and the sea died down after dark. Warm night, and slow fishing. Until I noticed my rod tip being nibbled then it bent right over and the fight was on. Powerful runs and a heavy weight. After stopping the first run I quickly retrieved my second line because it was in the way. The fight was on again, I reduced my drag fearing the line would break. The characteristic headshacks were not common so I was not expecting a Snapper, probably a Sevengiller or even a ray. Eventually I pulled the fish off the bottom and in the beam of my headlamp appeared a large Snapper. I quickly had it beside the Yak where the decision was made to release it (lipped hooked ) I estimated he would have been over 20lb, but could have been anywhere from 16-24.