Re: non surf catches

shark slayer

that silly pooch of mine drank water from there and fell in goofing around and he is still kicking haha…hmmm share my secrets??a lot of people have been showing up at my fishing locations after reading my posts lately…but f@#k it gunner you need some snaperch mate!look for a long stretch of broken rocks leading into deep water about halfway between birdlings an the little river pub..step 1..get a 7gm zed spinner..they are the best perch catchers i have found..step 2..cast out 20-40m let it drop for a few seconds and slowly retreive just fast enough that your tip wobbles from the action of your will catch alot on the drop…step your snaperch fillet the bugger and cook it..dont get all gordon ramsay about it they taste best pan fried at high temp for a min or two each side..bang on some salt..enjoy :)