Re: non surf catches


went to kiakoura on firday afternoon got up were i go about 5.30 launched boat and went and set 2 craypots and then out fishing got 3 blue cod 2 sea perch up saturday and checked pots nothing,went out fishing 5hrs in boat got 5 blue cod 6sea perch 1 large moki (57cm) put up a good fight i thought that i had a big doggie 1 tarakihi went back in and had lunch,went back out 5pm and got 3 blue and 2 sea perch,rebaited cray pot..out sunday morning no crays out fishing got 5 blue cod and 6 sea perch and got 1 large shark it was about 6-7ft long about 1/2 length of my boat played it for about 15 mintues was not going to get it in my boat so didnt know how i was going to let it go, lucky for me on another run the trace broke and swam away was great to catcha fish that big, was the 1st big shark i have caught and got in, also got an octpuss and got it in the boat, was bloody hard to get out of boat as it suckers would stick to boat got it out after a while,packed up and came home got back to chch at 3.30pm. was a good weekend with good fish caught